East Cat Canyon

Energy/Jobs/Environmental Stewardship

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Aera Energy is one of California’s leading energy companies. We look forward to being a long-term partner in Santa Barbara County with our East Cat Canyon oil field redevelopment project. Aera is already a respected partner in the Kern, Ventura, Fresno and Monterey county locations where we operate. We’ve earned that trust because our operations not only produce energy but also protect human health and the environment and serve the community.

East Cat Canyon redevelopment project

Our company has submitted a land-use permit application to Santa Barbara County to re-establish production at the East Cat Canyon oil field in a rural area southeast of Santa Maria.

The project is located on Cat Canyon Road, about 10 miles southeast of Santa Maria near several other active oil production properties. Oil operations began at the project site more than 100 years ago and continued until 1989.

Comprehensive environmental review

This permit application begins a thorough environmental review process, which will take a number of months. The process will be governed by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and Santa Barbara County rules. An Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is being prepared, and citizens will have many opportunities to review and comment.

More jobs and tax revenues

According to the UC Santa Barbara Economic Forecast Project, over the life of the project Aera’s proposed East Cat Canyon development is estimated to create more than $1.3 billion in total economic activity, including the addition of construction, drilling and operating jobs. In addition, the project is expected to generate $133 million in state and federal taxes, and another $130 million in local tax revenues that support Santa Barbara County schools and public safety.